Binomen Unknown; presumably evolved from a member of Class Cestoda
Average length Length equal to average human height
Sapience Unknown
Aggressivity Very High
Habitat Amphibious
Diet Parasitic (larva); Unknown (adult)
Lifespan Unknown
Subspecies Unknown
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe The X-Files
Created by Chris Carter
Performed by Darin Morgan

The Flukeman is a mutated humanoid tapeworm with a circular mouth and a scolex which it uses to infect other creatures with eggs that will grow into flatworm-like endoparasitoidic larvae. These larvae will later kill the host and escape before growing into the humanoid adult form.

The Flukeman originated as a mutation caused by radioactive remains from Chernobyl, aboard a Russian cargo ship in the Atlantic Ocean. It first infected one of the crew members, who later died in the sewers of New Jersey. The adult Flukeman was later seen living in the sewer system, and would go on to infect and kill another host before being captured with the help of agents Mulder and Scully from FBI.

After studying the Flukeman, Scully concludes that it has the features of a vertebrate, even specifically human characteristics, but retains the regenerative abilities that betray its platyhelminth origins. Presumably, the mutation allowed the tapeworm to incorporate genetic material from its host, explaining the half-fluke half-man nature of the monster.

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