Eye Goo
Eye Goo
Others Eye Gummy
Original めだまグミ
Romanization Medama Gumi (Eye Gumi)
Body type Blob
Average height Roughly human height
Sapience Unknown
Aggressivity Very High
Place of origin The World
Habitat Cedar Woods
Diet Unknown
Locomotion Bounces around on rubbery body
Subspecies Mage Goo, Puff Goo, Goo Titan, Gooey, Goo King
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Breath of Fire

Eye Goo are a species of amorphous blobs most notable for their rubbery bodies, which their two large eyes bounce off of the top of. It is unknown how they keep these eyes from ricocheting off the body should they move about while they bounce, nor how they actually receive information from said organs. They are extremely weak physically, and are not considered a significant threat to anyone, including children.

They are apparently narcoleptic as they will often fall asleep and snooze even during battle with a foe who seeks to kill them.


  • Breath of Fire III (First appearance)

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