Ekolids are part of a race of demons called obyriths, native to the alternate dimension known as the Abyss.


Ekolids belong to the demon subtype called obyriths. Obyriths dominated the Abyss before the current dynasty, the tanar'ri, took power, and all are so hideous as to cause madness. Ekolids serve the obyrith lord Obox-ob on his layer of Zionyn, the 663rd layer of the Abyss. Zionyn is a vermin-infested badlands with vast seas of resin. Ekolids resemble flying, 2-foot cysts with six prehensile stingers sprouting from it. A thorax resembling a segmented worm, complete with three pairs of wings, is capped with a head resembling a pile of half-melted, screaming human skulls covered in black eyes. From this head jut sharp mandibles and six legs. Anyone observing an ekolid is afflicted with hallucinations of being infested with biting insects. As an obyrith, an ekolid can only be effectively harmed by weapons forged of pure iron or weapons infused with the power of order. Ekolids reproduce by laying eggs in victims, which devour their flesh, burst out, and eat each other, all while growing to adult size within six hours. The corpses of these victims are preserved in Zionyn's resin and used to build temples to Obox-ob.

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