Earth Slime
Earth Slime (Crystal Story)
Others Slime, Green Slime
Body type Blob
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very high
Habitat Small Forest, Medium Forest
Diet Molluscivore, possible carnivore
Subspecies C
Related species Other Amorphs
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Crystal Story
Created by Emmanuel Salva Cruz
Designed by Emmanuel Salva Cruz
What turn-based RPG would be complete without Slime? This is your first in-game enemy! Green, cute, and likes to throw small chunks of earth at you.
— In-game description

Earth Slimes are a species of amorphous, non-sapient blobforms which roam the forested regions of their home realm. Like other slimes, they have small, beady eyes and a concave area used as a mouth. Earth Slimes are capable of casting the Earth I spell. As they age, they appear to transform into King Slimes, which have become red in hue and have the ability to also cast the first-tier spells for Fire, Water, and Lightning as well as their previous Earth magicks. These mature individuals are stated to taste like cherry gelatin.

As they would need to consume sustenance to stay alive but they are relatively small, it is assumed the smallest creatures known to exist in each of their biomes would be their most likely prey items. They appear to consist at least upon slugs, although it is assumed this would not be enough to sustain an organism of this creature's size. If this is so, than that would mean that they must supplement their diet by also consuming Goblins in the Medium Forest.

King Slime (Crystal Story)

A fully matured King Slime.

Being presumably primarily alcohol based like the Glooples and presumably all other blobforms, they are highly susceptible to combustion and adventurers can use this to their advantage; immolating a Cold Slime will deal twice as much damage to them as would otherwise have occurred. They also are invulnerable to earth-based attacks, likely jiggling around like gelatin and as a defense against earthquakes. King Slimes are so large that their alcohol has stabilized and made them only combustible to a typical level, but also makes them susceptible to earthquakes.

Interestingly, there is only a small population living in the Small Forest, meaning this is likely only recently expanded into. They may eventually infest this area in far larger numbers.


  • Crystal Story (presumed) (First appearance)
  • Crystal Story II

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