AQ Dweller
Binomen N/A
Body type Ichthyoid
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very High
Diet Carnivore
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe AdventureQuest

Dwellers are a species of blind deep-sea fish found in the seas around Lore. As a result of normally living in waters with little to no sunlight, they have developed a strange evolutionary path where the eyes have completely vanished, leaving behind gaping holes in their skulls. Like most anglerfish, they lure prey into their gaping jaws using the glow of its esca. It can change the intensity of this organ to blind opponents and potential predators.

Subspecies of Dwellers

Numerous subspecies of dwellers exist, with each residing within a different portion of the water column.

  • Neritic Dweller: By far the weakest of all known dwellers, they reside within the neritic zone. They are somewhat of an anomaly, as they reside in coastal waters.
  • Profundal Dweller: Another weak subspecies of dweller, which resides within the profundal zone.
  • Aphotic Dweller: A stronger subspecies of dweller that resides within the aphotic zone. As the profundal zone is a part of the aphotic zone, it is likely that Aphotic and Profundal dwellers have some sort of interaction, or are not different subspecies of dweller.
  • Abyssal Dweller: A strong subspecies of dweller, they reside within the abyssal zone. Surprisingly, there is a large amount of space between the Abyssals and the Aphotic and Profundals. Why this column separation exists is currently unknown.
  • Rayfish: A powerful but bizarre subspecies of dweller created using arcane magic by a cult intended to promote order. Though they are considered to be poor excuses for organisms, they are not so easily dealt with.
  • Benthic Dweller: The most powerful of all dweller subspecies that resides within the benthic zone. Like the Abyssal Dwellers, there is a significant separation between this subspecies of dweller moving up the water column.