Dragon Zombie
Dragon Zombie (BoF3) Concept
Others Zombie Dragon
Original ドラゴンゾンビ
Romanization Doragonzonbi
Personal information
Gender Male
Place of origin The World
Affiliation Unknown
Relations Ryu, Garr
Current status Undead (former)
Body type Draconic
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Breath of Fire
Dragon Zombie (BoF3)

The Dragon Zombie is a boss within the video game Breath of Fire III, where he is fought suddenly within the Dauna Mines, surprising both Ryu and Garr, the only playable characters at that point during the game. He is notable as the first boss fought after the game's mandatory time skip forward. He is capable of casting Bone Dance and Rotten Breath.

The Dragon Zombie appears suddenly before the two party members right as they're about to exit the mines, demanding that Garr tells him where he is taking Ryu. When Garr informs him that he is taking Ryu to meet God in order to get a straight answer on why the Brood have to perish, the Dragon Zombie scoffs at the remark and orders Ryu, another member of the Brood, to kill Garr to avenge their people. When Ryu outright refuses to do so, the Dragon Zombie is angered and materializes, revealing itself as a skeletal dragon and attacking the two of them. Despite the Zombie's attempt to defeat the duo it fails and is defeated. Fatally weakened, it questions Ryu as to why he refused to kill him; however he soon perishes again, converting into the Shadow Gene, which Ryu uses from then on as one of the genes to transform into various types of Dragons.

Dragon Zombie (BoF3) Defeated

The Dragon Zombie is defeated.

Surprisingly, a mysterious lady mentions that the Dragon Zombie is not, in fact, an actual member of the Brood; assuming that she is correct, the Dragon Zombie's true identity is a complete mystery. He may however have been another Guardian, former protectors of God which Garr, Gaist, Gaw, and Gatz are also members of; if this is true than it may have been a form taken by either Gaw or Gatz, who went otherwise unseen outside of their stone bodies (if this is true, it would have been the disembodied spirit of one or the other, however).


  • Breath of Fire III

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