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Dr. Killjoy
Body type Humanoid
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Suffering Universe

"I am not certain we have been formally introduced. Torque, isn't it? My name is Killjoy, Dr. Killjoy, and I will be your alienist this fine evening."
— Dr. Killjoy formally introducing himself to Torque, The Suffering (Video Game)

Dr. Q. L. Killjoy A.K.A Dr. Killjoy was depraved psychologist/medical practitioner who worked out of the Asylum in the early 1900s. He used many deplorable methods on his patients, more often than not resulting in their death. No one knows what happened to him, but his spirit now lives on through old film projectors. Killjoy gains an interest in Torque during their first meeting and tries to cure his mental instability, though the reasons for this are ambiguous at best.

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