Binomen Various throughout the clade Dinosauria and order Pterosauria
Body type Various
Average height Various
Average length Various
Average weight Various
Sapience Sapient
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Dinosaur Planet
Diet Various
Locomotion Various
Status Extant
Behind the Scenes
Universe 'Axe Cop'

Dinosaurs feature prominently in the Axe Cop series. In the comic they fled Earth due to volcanoes, building rockets and settled on their new planet, known simply as Dinosaur Planet.

They helped defeat the Bad Guy King (by eating his brain) and also made an appearance in Bad Guy Earth, where Axe Cop's pet t. rex, Wexter reunited with his dad and friends, Waxta Tutu and Lavasaurus, (Waxta Tutu was killed by an alien almost immediately afterwards.)

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