Dick Hardly
Dick Hardly3
Others Professor Dick Hardly
Richard Hardly
Personal information
Species Human (mutated)
Gender Male
Place of origin Townsville
Age Unknown
Occupation Scientist
Current status Deceased
Cause of death Exploded
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Powerpuff Grils
Created by Craig McCracken
Performed by Jeff Bennett

Dick Hardly is a antagonist in The Powerpuff Girls.


Dick Hardly was Professor Utonium's old college roommate who leeched off of him instead of studying. It is revealed in flashbacks that Professor Dick is a womanizer. He appears to be around the same age as the Professor. His only appearance was in the episode "Knock It Off" where he was amazed over the girls' powers. He wanted to make a profit off of them, but the Professor angrily refused and kicked him out. As a result Hardly comes up with a wicked plan: if he couldn't have the girls themselves, he would make his own and make billions. While picking them up from Pokey Oaks, he asks the girls how to create his own little girls. So after learning the ingredients, Dick goes to an abandoned factory and creates the "Powerpuff Girls Xtreme." However, his Powerpuffs turn out to be cheap knock-offs and some of them turn out to be disfigured, horrible, ugly mutants as well.When the girls found out what he was up to, they confronted him in his lab and asks for the Chemical X back. But Dick deliberately swallows it and transforms into a monster. As a monster, Dick's size is increased a hundredfold, his skin turns green, spikes grow out of his shoulders, blue tentacles burst out of his chest, his ponytail turns into a tentacle, his normal glasses are gone and his eyes are black that act similar to normal sunglasses and the only bit of his clothing is the remains of his pants. In this form, he easily defeated the girls as Utonium goes into the lab. Dick drains nearly all the girls' Chemical X and their life force, but the other Powerpuff Girls Xtreme realized that Dick never gave them love and care. So, in their anger, they sacrificed themselves to destroy him, and Utonium gets the girls out in the nick of time as the factory explodes, killing Dick in the process. As Dick dies before the factory is completely destroyed, Utonium bursts into tears at the loss of the girls, but his fatherly love revives them! Delighted to see them alive again, he says "Old Dick may have gotten the formula right, but the only ingredient he forgot was LOVE, lets go home girls." Then Dick screams "NO!" one final time as he is ambushed in the factory before he dies, and the factory is destroyed.


  • Despite having a one shot appearance in Knock It Off, he is the most darkest and evilest villain in the show ever created, unlike other villains who have redeeming or comedic traits, Hardly has none of them.
  • His name "Dick" is often used as a profane insult to obnoxious people, mostly males, and also referred to his unkind nature.
  • In his human form, he is similar to Dexter's dad from Dexter's Laboratory.