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Desert Hopper
Binomen n/a
Average height 1 ft.
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Harmless
Habitat Deserts
Diet Herbivore
Lifespan dd
Subspecies n/a
Status dd
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Future is Wild

The desert hopper is a snail about 1 foot (30 cm) tall that inhabits the Rainshadow Desert of the second Pangea.


Today, snails are restricted in size on land and they slide along on a sheet of mucus. In a desert, water for creating a lubricant is too valuable for use since water could be lost easily. The desert hopper takes this specialization a step further. Instead of eyes on stalks, the eyes of the desert hopper rest on movable turrets like those of chameleons.

To conserve water, the desert hopper's skin is like that of modern reptiles. Instead of sliding on mucus, the foot of the desert hopper modified like a spring for hopping over the desert. They usually feed in groups to avoid the risk of predators. To eat tough desert plants, its toothed tongue functions like a drill to bore into plant material. This weakness for plant food makes it common prey for deathbottles.

To protect itself from intense heat and predators, the desert hopper retreats into a spike-covered eight-inch (203 mm) shell and burrows underground. During mating season males and females gather to find a fit mate. In order to attract a female, males box each other like the present day Kangaroos do. Once a male succeeds in driving off other males he will escort a female to the breeding grounds. After mating the female lays eggs and both parents tend to the eggs for 12 weeks till the eggs hatch. Parents take care of their young until they are one year old.

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