Original ディーラ
Romanization Dīra
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity High
Place of origin Hyrule
Habitat Arboreal
Diet Carnivore or liquivore
Subspecies Eastern Hyrule Red Deeler
Eastern Hyrule Blue Deeler
Western Hyrule Red Deeler
Western Hyrule Blue Deeler
"Ground Deeler"
Status DD
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Created by Nintendo
Red DeelerBlue DeelerDeelers (ディーラ, Dīra in Japan) are arboreal, spider- or tick-like arachnids with six known subspecies across Hyrule, with the majority of them existing across both Eastern and Western Hyrule. Though there are only two color variations between them, those found in Eastern Hyrule are notably stronger, perhaps an evolution caused by their need to protect their homes from more deadly adversaries. Being arboreal in nature, Deelers live their lives in the branches of trees within various forests across Hyrule. They are incredibly territorial in nature, and should a creature they perceive as a threat pass too close by, such as an adventurer, they will descend upon a silken thread to attack. While the Red Deelers will simply retreat back into the canopy after an attack, staying with what can be presumed to be their nest, Blue Deelers are vastly more aggressive and dangerous, and will drop from their strand and hit the ground, hopping after their prey or potential victim.

Deeler Zelda's Adventure

A giant Ground Deeler.

The other two kinds of Deelers may or may not be the same species, looking the same but varying in terms of size (potentially indicating juveniles and adults). Either way, these "Giant Deelers" are far larger than other types and seems to be entirely earthbound. This type will simply scurry around and bite when coming into contact with adventurers.


  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (First appearance)
  • Zelda's Adventure