Cleric Beast
Cleric Beast
Binomen Mutation of Homo sapien sapiens
Body type Humanoid
Average height Massive
Sapience Sapient?
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Yharnam
Locomotion Bipedal
Subspecies Other Bloodborne subtypes
Status Critically endangered
Behind the Scenes
Universe Bloodborne

The Cleric Beast is a deadly monstrosity created by the bloodborne pathogen ravaging the town of Yharnam known as the Scourge of the Beast. It is one of the largest of the bloodborne monsters, its emaciation belying its intense strength. Due to its name, it can be assumed that it evolved from an individual who had been serving as a cleric.

Those afflicted with the Scourge of the Beast sooner or later transform into unspeakable abominations, creatures without familiar shape or form. After roaming the streets night after night to rid the streets of beasts, even the denizens themselves eventually take on a crazed and demented look. Peer deep into their clouded eyes and you will find it impossible to tell the difference between hunter and beast any longer.

The plague that has stricken Yharnam has left many of Yharnam’s residents in various states of transformation into all manner of savage beasts, but the Cleric Beast is undoubtedly one of the largest malformed beasts that hunters are bound to encounter. This creature’s emaciated form belies its immense power, and its piercing cry will make even a hardened hunter think twice.

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