Cat Beast
Binomen Unknown
Average height 2 ft. (estimate)
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity High
Habitat City Ruins
Diet None
Lifespan Indefinite
Subspecies None
Status Destroyed
Behind the Scenes
Universe 9

The Cat Beast is one of the creations of the Fabrication Machine.


Before the Fabrication Machine went into hibernation, it created the Cat Beast to find one of its' missing components: "the Talisman". The Cat Beast was created from whatever was at hand, particulaly cat bones and scrap metal, then infused with the energy of a living soul. The Cat Beast has one red "eye" and one flashlight occupying the eye sockets of the skull. It eventually fufilled its' function and retrived the the Talisman, enabling the Fabrication Machine to awake from hibernation and assemble other mechanical creatures. It was eventually destroyed by stitchpunks.

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