Others N/A
Average height 7 feet tall
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Habitat Grasslands
Diet Carnivore
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Future is Wild

The Carakiller is a large, predatory, flightless future bird from the Amazon Grasslands, and is the descendant of the modern caracara.


They specialize in running and hunt in packs to flush out and eat Babookaris. They have no enemies, but their eggs are eaten by South American Rattlebacks. The carakiller is a giant flightless bird of prey. Packs of carakillers scour the grasslands, flushing out babookaris in their wake. The wings of the carakiller became useful in another way - they became arms. The wing is tipped with a sharp claw, used for tearing up its prey.

The carakiller stands about 7 feet (2.1 m), sporting a bald head and neck. The only plumage on its head is a fan of display plumage, like those in the tail of a peacock, used for signaling each other. Carakillers commonly hunt along the edges of brushfires, killing animals struggling to escape from the flames. Its appearance resembles the extinct terror birds, which also lived in South America. There is also some slight resemblance to the 'raptor' dinosaurs of an even earlier time.

In a carakiller pack there is one alpha male that mates with all the females. Instead of having separate nests (and risk the loss of eggs) all the females lay their eggs in a single nest which is incubated by the alpha male which only leaves it to get food. They lay their eggs during the short rainy season in case of savannah. Within a few minutes of hatching chicks are able to run and open their eyes. They stay with their father at all times until they are three years old then they start to hunt with their parents. The males are chased off by their father and the females stay. The males will find younger females in other packs and run away with them as modern Zebras do. This keeps the process of interbreeding at bay and insures survival of the species.

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