Camel Spider
Camel Spiders
Binomen Order Solifugae
Body type Arachnid
Average length 5 to 6 inches (Real Life)
About 1 Foot (Movie)
Average weight Unknown
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Middle East
Habitat Deserts
Diet Meat
Locomotion Octopedal Walking
Lifespan About one year
Behind the Scenes
Universe Syfy Channel

The titular creatures from the 2011 movie Camel Spiders.


This particular species lives in the Middle East. They stow away with returning soldiers and go on a rampage in the American Southwest.


  • The movie is based on several misconceptions about Solifugae. The camel spiders in the film are more aggressive, larger, faster and venomous.

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