Others Nezumi
Romanization Nezumi (literally "Rat")
Body type Humanoid
Average height Slightly taller than Genomes
Sapience Sapient
Language English
Place of origin Gaia
Locomotion Bipedal
Subspecies Cleyran
Status Critically Endangered
Behind the Scenes
Universe Final Fantasy IX

The Burmecians are a race of bipedal, sapient rats who live in Burmecia whom appreciate "the art of war". An offshoot group known as the Cleyrans also exist, which split in order to step away from the aggressiveness of their sister species. The two species had not seen each other for 100 years by the year of 1810 (~1710).


Attack on Burmecia

In 1810, the Burmecians were nearly wiped out by successive attacks on not only Burmecia but also Cleyra; while Cleyra was totally destroyed, Burmecia was left in ruins. This attack was initialized by Queen Brahne's Black Mages. Some Burmecians, including their king, escaped the onslaught and made their way to Cleyra, while others instead fled to Lindblum or stayed in the ruins of their former city home.

Later, in order to retrieve a powerful artifact from its peaceful inhabitants (and presumably knowing that the king of Burmecia has escaped to Cleyra), Queen Brahne launched a second attack on the treetop town. Having successfully obtained the gem she sought, she summoned the eidolon Odin and had him destroy the tree Cleyra was built upon, bringing the entire town collapsing to the desert floor. This overly dramatic razing of the town was also overkill, leaving only a few documented survivors: the Black Mage Vivi Ornitier; the Burmecians Forest Oracle Kildea, dragon knight Freya Crescent, Prince Puck, Sir Fratley; the Cleyran Flower Maiden Shannon; the Genome thief Zidane Tribal; the Qu blue mage Quina Quen; and a few Moogles. The king of Burmecia is widely believed to have perished in Cleyra.