Binomen N/A
Body type Bulbous
Average height Short
Average length Very small
Average weight Very light
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Harmless
Place of origin Wonderland
Habitat Vale of Tears, Hatter's Domain
Diet Unknown
Locomotion Two wings
Status Data Deficient (Exist in one girl's corrupt mind and may exist one minute but not exist the next)
Behind the Scenes
Universe American McGee's Alice
Created by American McGee
Professor Swan's claim concerning incandescent lighting, signal the end of an era for gas lamps and candles. A frightening and insupportable prospect!
Alice: Madness Returns' Extra Content

Bulbflies are firefly-like mechanical fauna found within the Hatter's Domain of Wonderland. Though their lifestyles are not well understood, they are known to flutter around Hatter's Domain, and are intelligent enough to avoid dangerous cogs. Like fireflies, they light up an area when within it due to their incandescent body. Although Alice Liddell encountered them, she did not find them hostile whatsoever and therefore had very little interaction with them.

They appear to have a similar subspecies living within the Oriental Grove, an area of the surrounding Vale of Tears. These variants however are extremely small normally, possibly being almost microscopic to the average Human eye (Although they appear the same size to Alice as those found in Hatter's Domain, it needs to be recognized that the while the Oriental Grove seems to be miles of travel it is in reality only 5-6ft high).

They are likely distantly related to the Bolterflies and Nutterflies seen buzzing around the Vale of Tears, if Alice's delusions hold enough similarity to real life. Given the fact that they are based off of fireflies, which are in truth a species of beetle, they are likely related to the Ladybugs as well.

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