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Binomen None
Average height Gets slightly shorter in the final stages of transformation
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Goes from medium to extreme
Habitat Urban
Diet Omnivore
Lifespan Unknown
Subspecies None
Status Killed
Behind the Scenes

Brundlefly is a creature born as a result of a teletransport accident in which Seth Brundle unsuspectingly entered the telepod with a house fly and the two organisms fused together at a genetic level. The transformation into an abominable man-fly hybrid was gradual, and accompanied by increasing insanity.


When he came out of the telepod, Brundle appeared normal and had no reason to suspect that his DNA was now 50% fly. The first symptoms were an increased physical strength, enhanced reflexes and agitation, followed by an unstoppable desire for sugar and the appearance of small quantities of insect bristles on his back. As the days passed, Brundle's skin started to degenerate and he developed the abilities to cling to walls and ceilings and to spit powerful digestive enzymes to liquefy food before consuming it. Later on, his hair, ears and teeth begin to fall off. Already referring to himself as "Brundlefly", Brundle resolves that the only way to regain part of his humanity would be merging with another human being in the telepod, as the resulting entity would be 75% human and only 25% fly. He kidnaps Veronica Quaife and forces her into the telepod. At this point, Brundlefly's skin is already horribly bloated and most of its outer skin and flesh finally falls off to reveal an insectoid figure beneath. Still lacking wings, exoskeleton and extra arms; the final stage of Brundlefly is nonetheless much more insect than man. It is a bipedal but curved being with an insect-like head, large black eyes, slender limbs with extra joints and a somewhat segmented body. Just when he was ready to teleport, Stathis Borans saves Veronica by shooting the power cable of her telepod. Infuriated, Brundlefly tries to escape his own pod, only to be transported away with parts of the damaged pod. It came out of the third pod as an even grosser being; part man, part fly and part metal scraps. The hopeless creature asks to be shot down.

Other incarnationsEdit

Brundlefly is only featured in the 1986 remake movie The Fly. In the original 1958 film and short story, the scientist – named Andre Delambre – comes out of the teletransport as two different beings: a man with a large insect head and left arm; and a fly with a diminutive human head and arm. This story has been parodied many times, including in cartoons like The Simpsons ("Treehouse of Horror VIII") and Johnny Bravo ("I, Fly"). It is worth noting that the 1986 version did gain a sequel in 1989 and an opera adaptation in 2008.

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