Others BLACKLIGHT (DX-1118 C)
Mercer Virus
Binomen Unknown
Body type Microbial
Average height Microscopic
Average length Microscopic
Average weight Too small to weigh
Sapience Non-sapient, though Evolved hosts remain sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Unknown
Diet Hosts become hypercarnivores
Locomotion Triple flagella
Subspecies Redlight virus (progenitor)
DX-1119 (unseen)
Status Data Deficient (does not appear to be stopped by end of Prototype 2)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Prototype

The Blacklight virus AKA BLACKLIGHT DX-1118 C, more commonly known to the public as the Mercer virus after its supposed releaser, Dr. Alex Mercer, is the basis of evolution of all life on Earth. It is a chimeric virus which causes many mutations and most of the time death.

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