Binomen n/a
Average height 5-6 ft.
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity High
Habitat Mojave Wasteland
Diet Herbivore
Lifespan dd
Subspecies n/a
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes

Bighorners are mutated bighorn sheep found in the Mojave Wasteland.


Bighorners are dedicated herbivores and are primarily found in wild herds of three to seven members in the Mojave Wasteland, or in domesticated drifts of varying size in settlements. While settlers use them for their horns, meat, and fur, it has been observed that the alpha male, or Bull, can usually be found in close proximity to a Banana Yucca Fruit, making it easier to track the fruit. They are generally laid-back beasts with surprisingly docile dispositions, in spite of being quite capable of being extremely dangerous when provoked. Bighorners generally can't be used as pack animals.

Unprovoked Bighorners are content to graze and mind their own business. Getting too close to wild Bighorners agitates them; they will growl and snort if someone gets too close, and will turn hostile if the offender doesn't back away from them fast enough. Bighorners with young, however, become enraged if their young are approached, and will fight to the death with very little provocation in order to protect their offspring.

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