Bago-Bago Art
Original バゴバゴ
Body type Skeletal fish
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very High
Place of origin Hyrule
Habitat Rivers (Bago-Bago)
Lava pools (Red Bago-Bago)
Locomotion Swimming, leaping
Lifespan Likely until decayed, given their undead status
Subspecies Red Bago-Bago
Status Undead, conservation status is irrelevant
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Bago-Bago Sprite Bago-Bago are a species or type of skeletal fish found around the kingdom of Hyrule. Similar in personality to a Cheep-Cheep, they leap out of their environment (rivers or lava pools, depending on the subspecies) at surprising speeds; however, unlike Cheep-Cheeps they do not aim for landing back in their environ at the end of a leap, instead opting to land upon the ground where a group of them will attempt to swarm upon their target. They are similar to other undead fish known to reside in Hyrule and Termina, namely the Skullfish and Desbreko.

Red Bago-Bago Sprite Each subspecies can and will spit projectiles from their mouths in a manner similar to any of the Octorok species, even spitting them while in mid-leap. Whereas typical Bago-Bago will spit rocks, presumably scooped up from the riverbed, Red Bago-Bago instead spit far deadlier fire. The rocks seem to cause minor concussions (as they sap experience points) while the fire must be stopped with Reflect magic.

Typical Bago-Bago are normally seen swimming underneath bridges crossing rivers, while Red Bago-Bago are known to exist only within the Great Palace.

As they appear on bridges, they are especially dangerous as they are likely to knock adventurers into the water or lava below, causing them to be injured from the fall.


  • Bago-Bago behave very similar to Cheep-Cheep from the Mario series. Their name is considered to likely be a reference to these enemies.

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