Automaton (American McGee's Alice)
Others Clockwork
1st Generation Automaton
Automaton Old Model
Binomen 'Homo sapien sapiens'
Body type Burly Humanoid
Average height Adult human male height
Average weight Likely over 200lbs due to metal enhancements
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Language English (very likely)
Place of origin Wonderland
Habitat Hatter's Domain
Diet Omnivorous
Locomotion Large wheel
Lifespan Similar to human lifespan (assumed); all destroyed during Alice's relapse
Subspecies Variant of Insane Children
Status Extinct/Data Deficient (Exist in one girl's corrupt mind and may exist one minute but not exist the next)
Behind the Scenes
Universe 'American McGee's Alice'
Created by American McGee

The Automatons (referred to as the Clockwork in the in-game files) are the first-generation of Automatons of the Hatter's Domain, created through the Hatter's use of malicious experiments. They are in truth Insane Children locked inside a large metal contraption and indoctrinated to the Hatter's cause, having formerly been unfortunate residents of his asylum. They are made to patrol the hallways of Looking Glass Land, attacking anyone they do not immediately recognize as an ally.

Extremely hostile and quite capable, they attack foes up close by swinging their arms as well as by venting hot gusts of steam, and from a distance by firing heat-seeking bombs that will follow the target until they finally hit. Due to their relentless brutality, Alice Liddell found it best to take care of them as quickly as possible.

Within the year that Alice lived at Dr. Angus Bumby's home, Dormy and March Hare successfully usurped the Hatter's rule, dismantled him and apparently destroyed these first generation Automatons in their entirety, stringing them up in chains and seemingly letting them perish through starvation or heat stroke. Afterwards they were replaced with a second generation of Automatons, though they were fundamentally different than the originals. A lone first gen was discovered by Alice on her journeys through the Hatter's Domain after her madness returned, revealing to her their eventual fate.


  • Steam — The Automaton blows steam at Alice which sends her the other direction.
  • Swinging Arm — The Automaton swings its arms 180 degrees.
  • Cruising Bomb — The Automaton fires bombs that follow Alice slightly.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Interestingly, neither the 1st nor 2nd generation Automatons in Alice's mind appear to be actual automatons, which were self-operating machines and generally considered to be the precursors to robots. The first generation were controlled by an indoctrinated Insane Child while the second generation possess a massive, seemingly organic eye.

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