Automaton Madness Returns
Others Good Worker
Bad Worker
2nd Generation Automaton
Automaton New Model
Body type Round
Average height Short
Average weight Likely over 100lbs due to metal enhancements
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Harmless
Language Known to understand English
Place of origin Wonderland
Habitat Hatter's Domain
Diet Unknown
Locomotion Two mechanical legs
Lifespan Until they become a "bad worker" (presumed)
Status Data Deficient (Exist in one girl's corrupt mind and may exist one minute but not exist the next)
Behind the Scenes
Universe American McGee's Alice
Created by American McGee
Hardly more interesting than a cuckoo in a clock, let alone a Talos or a Pandora. But then, I'm not Hephaestus.
Alice Liddell, Alice: Madness Returns' Extra Content
A good worker is a live worker. Free to live — and work! A bad worker is a dead worker; and vice versa. Don't be a bad worker; bad workers are slaves, and dead. Payday for good workers has been postponed indefinitely. Payday for bad workers is cancelled!
Dormy threatening his enslaved Automatons through propaganda strategy, Alice: Madness Returns

The Automatons are the second-generation of Automatons of the Hatter's Domain, produced in some fashion by the combined efforts of Dormouse and the March Hare after they were cruelly experimented on by the Mad Hatter, presumably slain, resurrected when Alice later regained her sanity. Within the year that Alice lived at Dr. Angus Bumby's home, Dormy and March Hare successfully usurped the Hatter's rule, dismantled him and apparently destroyed the first generation Automatons in its entirety.

These Automatons were not built for battle in any fashion, and instead served as slave labor within the Hatter's Domain in order to complete the Infernal Train for the Dollmaker on time, although after its completion they likely would have remained enslaved had Dormy and the March Hare not been slain and the train's departure not shaken the Hatter's Domain apart. Since the domain was entirely destroyed it can be assumed that these Automatons, like their predecessors, are now entirely dead; even so, the structure of Alice's mind allows for the potential of them to eventually be resurrected.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Interestingly, neither the 1st nor 2nd generation Automatons in Alice's mind appear to be actual automatons, which were self-operating machines and generally considered to be the precursors to robots. The first generation were controlled by an indoctrinated Insane Child while the second generation possess a massive, seemingly organic eye.
  • They were going to be actual enemies but were scrapped and are only seen as Background Characters in a section of the Hatter's Domain. Signs show a picture of the newer model of the Automaton inside the Domain.

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