Anna Franklin
Others The Reptile
Personal information
Species Human (periodically transforms)
Gender Female
Relations Dr. Franklin (father)
Current status Presumably deceased
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Reptile
Performed by Jacqueline Pearce

Anna Franklin was the daughter of an early 20th century theologist named Dr. Franklin, who dedicated his life to studying occult rituals and religions in faraway lands. Due to an enmity with members of a mystical Malayan "snake cult", Dr. Franklin was punished by means of having his daughter periodically transformed into a vicious reptilian vampire-like beast with scaly skin and venomous fangs.


When transformed, Anna seems to have little to no control of herself, and will attack anyone who approaches. Her fangs inject some kind of powerful venom into her victim's neck. The victims are found dead and horribly disfigured, with blackened skin and foaming from the mouth. The locals refer to this phenomenon as the "Black Death", but are initially unaware of its cause.

Every winter, Anna sheds her skin and undergoes a period of hibernation, during which she must be kept warm. She's highly vulnerable to cold, and if exposed to it while hibernating, it could kill her.



  • The Reptile (1966)