Amphibious Oyster
Big Amphibious Oyster
Binomen Unknown, though likely belong to Superfamily Ostreoidea
Body type Clam
Average height Constantly grow
Average length Constantly grow
Average weight Likely incredibly heavy
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very high
Place of origin LORE
Habitat Fairwind Spring
Diet Filter feeder (presumed)
Locomotion Sessile
Status Endangered
Behind the Scenes
Universe AdventureQuest

The Amphibious Oysters are terrifyingly giant creatures seem to only exist near Fairwind Spring, an area of LORE. Their rarity has given rise to several cults who worship the creatures as a god. The most notorious of these is the Cult of the Blue Oyster. They set cities on flame with rock and roll.

Being oysters, it can naturally be assumed that they are filter feeders. They are known to come in three different sizes: big, huge and gargantuan.

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