Amelia (Underworld)

Amelia is a vampire character from Underworld.


Born in the early 6th century, Amelia was most likely turned by the first vampire, Marcus Corvinus, to help control the chaos created by his brother William, the first Werewolf.

Amelia supported locking William in a coffin-like prison in a remote place where Marcus could not find and release him due to William's uncontrollable rage and Marcus's inability to control or punish him. The capture of William could not have happened without Amelia's help, and she became one of the three vampire elders ruling the Vampire Coven, alongside Marcus and Viktor. She was somewhat allied with Viktor, who sought to undermine Marcus's authority in light of Marcus' relationship with William.

During the events of Underworld, she is at the end of her century long reign, and is preparing to go into hibernation for the next two centuries as part of the Chain, which assures that only one Elder rules during each century. Having returned from New York by way of Vienna just one day before she is to awaken Marcus, lycans ambush her and her entourage on a train they are using to get to the ceremony at the mansion. Though guards from the mansion are supposed to assist her, she has been betrayed by the Coven regent, Kraven, who struck a deal with lycan leader Lucian to kill all three elders and gain control of the covens for himself. She is bled dry by Raze, a Lycan henchman, as part of Lucian's plot to turn himself into a lycan-vampire Hybrid.

Powers and abilities

She likely possesses the same skills and powers as other vampires, but to a much higher degree, including superhuman endurance and healing. She is experienced in the use of silver crossbows, and is also proficient with swordplay. And as with her fellow elders, Amelia is capable of sorting her blood memories into a coherent record of her reign.

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