Alistair (Twilight)

Alistair is a vampire character from Twilight.


A 700+ years old vampire, he grew up in England during the turbulent reign of Edward II. He lived quietly at the family's country estate with his mother and sisters and was considered the best hunter in the county. He was also an avid falconer: keeping many birds and training them being his favorite pursuit. One night, Alistair's father brought him into the secret tunnels of London, where many minor aristocrats were gathered. His father had planned to set him on the throne of England and swore Alistair would be the next Charlemagne, but shortly after explaining this plan, a man called Astaroth, whose true name was George, arrived, and turned out to be a vampire who had agreed to change Alistair into a vampire under his father's wishes.

Powers and abilities

Other than the average abilities of a vampire, he possesses the best tracking sense of his kind, being able to track both living beings and inanimate objects. However, his power is less efficient as it takes time for him to determine his target's location and he may never be able to catch up if the target is on the move.