Dr. Alexander J. Mercer
Alex Mercer
Others Alex Mercer
Personal information
Species Blacklight Virus posing as Human
Gender Male
Date of birth July 16, 1979
Place of origin Infected with DX-1118 C
Age 29 at time of initial death
31 at time of final death
Affiliation Gentek (Former)
Relations Dana Mercer (Alex's Human sister)
Elizabeth Greene (Blacklight mother)
Numerous Evolved 'children'
Current status Deceased
Body type Humanoid
Height 5'10"
Weight 190 pounds
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Performed by Barry Pepper (Prototype)
Darryl Kurylo (Prototype 2)

Alex Mercer, codenamed Zeus is the main character in [PROTOTYPE] and the embodiment of the Blacklight virus (DX-1118 C). He is later seen as the primary antagonist of [PROTOTYPE 2].


Before Alex turned to the living embodiment of the Blacklight virus he was a scientist who worked for Gentek in researching and modifying the Blacklight virus. Before his "death" Alex broke a vial contain the Blacklight virus and was shot, crumpling on to the shattered vial of the Blacklight virus, so the Blacklight virus started to consume and copy his body cell by cell. When he was thought dead his body was taken to the Gentek morgue before two scientist cut him open the viral clone of Alex awoke, having no memory or knowledge of what is happened. He figures out his name after hearing one of the scientists say it. After consuming two Blackwatch members he learns about his sister; believing he is Mercer he went to find her.

Alex/Zeus has the ability to consume any living being and by doing so, access its cellular composition. By doing this Alex is able to acquire the memories, capabilities and physical properties of said being. He is a walking pile of malleable biomass which can switch its shape, mass, form and consistency at will -- for example, from liquid-like, to harder than diamond. He uses this to shapeshift his limbs and himself to blades, spikes, tendrils, hammers, armors, shields, and many more. Mercer is also capable of performing superhuman physical feats, ranging from literally dashing across the island of Manhattan in only a few minutes or even seconds, to running up vertical walls while carrying a military tank, and still perform impressive acrobatic maneuvers. The Virus is also incredibly resilient, to the point of regenerating in a matter of minutes, from a close range nuclear explosion, and adaptive nature being immune to any known disease, and even developing an immunity to a viral component that was created to affect specifically him.