Akatsuki Kain

Akatsuki Kain is a vampire character from Vampire Knight. A calm "Level B" vampire who rarely loses his cool, he is incredibly perceptive and frequently sensitive to others' feelings.


Akatsuki grew up within a noble family, the Kain clan, which was pro-monarchy. His family is part of what is referred to by Asato Ichijo as the "Aido faction", presumably comprised of the Aido, Souen, Kain, Toya, and other related clans. He is very close to his cousins, Hanabusa Aido and Ruka Souen, having been with them since early childhood, and has met Kaname once when they were children, but did not meet again until years later. His original intent in attending Cross Academy was to take care of Hanabusa and Ruka.

Powers and abilities

Like all aristocrat vampires, Akatsuki has accelerated healing, ages slowly and possesses superhuman reflexes, senses and strength. His unique ability is to conjure and control fire.